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2. Reference lists

Annexes I and II of the Habitats Directive (EEC/92/43) list habitats and species for which Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) must be designated as part of the Natura 2000 network. As the Annexes cover all the EU, 'Reference Lists' have been developed which list the habitats and species in a given Biogeographical region and indicating for which habitats and species the Member States in the region have an obligation to designate SAC.

Importantly, Reference Lists are not species check-lists in the sense of listing all species of Community Interest recorded in each Member State. Reference Lists do not include those irregular or vagrant species for which the designation of protected areas is not an appropriate conservation method in a particular Member State.

The Reference Lists are updated annually based on information reported by the Member States. Below are the Reference lists for the biogeographical regions.

For these lists x = present, SR = Scientific Reserve, EX = Extinct, and where the column is left blank = absent

Updated on 23.04.2018

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