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ETC/BD activities

ETC/BD activities are organized in the framework of the EEA Multi annual work programme 2014-2018 and contribute to the EEA Annual Work Programme 2016.

ETC/BD supports activities of the European Environment Agency in the areas of biodiversity and ecosystems (natural capital), including agriculture and forest ecosystems by means of data handling, indicator development and thematic assessments. Activities in 2016 relate to:

Supporting the Nature legislation: implementation, reporting and assessments, i.e:

Biodiversity Data Centre, data flows and streamlining data on species, habitats and sites, i.e:

Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE): supporting content development

BISE website

Biodiversity related indicators:

Biodiversity and ecosystem assessments and networks

ETC management and EIONET management

EIONET website


Synthetic overviews on scope and activities of previous ETCs related to nature and biodiversity are available in English or French as well as leaflet produced in 2010