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Tuesday, 08 February 2011

09/02/2011- Natura 2000 and agriculture

Many of the habitat types noted on Annex I of the Habitats Directive are dependent on agriculture to a greater or lesser extent. In 1998 Ole Osterman, at the time working for the ETC-NC, published a list of such habitats* which has often been cited but with the addition of new habitats and redefinitions of existing habitats due to the EU expanding from 15 to 27 Member States, together with increasing knowledge, his list has become dated. As such a list is needed for many projects at the EEA and the ETC-BD an update has been prepared and is now available on the 'online first' page of the journal 'Biodiversity & Conservation'

Halada, L., Evans, D., Romão, C. & Petersen, J-E. (2011) Which habitats of European Importance depend on agricultural practices? Biodiversity & Conservation. is available here

Also recently published is a paper by Doug Evans about the habitats of Annex I based on a presentation to an international meeting held in Jaen, Spain in 2009;- Evans, D. (2010) Interpreting the habitats of Annex I -- Past, present and future. Acta Botanica Gallica 157(4) 677- 686


* Ostermann, O. P. (1998). The need for management of nature conservation sites designated under Natura 2000. Journal of Applied Ecology 35, no. 6: 968-973.