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conservation status of habitats & species of Community interest (2001-2006)

All Member States are requested by the Habitats Directive (1992) to monitor habitat types and species considered to be of Community interest. Article 17 of the Directive requires that every 6 years Member States prepare reports to be sent to the European Commission on the implementation of the Directive. The Article 17 report for the period 2001-2006 for the first time includes assessments on the conservation status of the habitat types and species of Community interest.

The European Commission adopted the Composite report on Article 17 on July 13th 2009. You can find the composite report here. For more information on the composite report visit the Habitat Directive portion of the Commissions website.

These pages give access to assessments of conservation status of habitats and species of community interest, together with information on methodologies and other background information.

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The reporting format was developed by the ETC/BD and DG Environment together with the Member States. Technical support was provided by the EEA.

The assessments rely on data collected by hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, many of them volunteers. This report would not have been possible without their work.

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